Mollie Cunningham Lake County School Board District 4

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"It was a great experience running this year. It gave me the chance to meet my opponent, who I must now endorse. I will be voting for Mollie Cunningham she is the best choice for Lake County School Board Dist 4. I will love for all show me support to get behind her and make a great choice."

"The members of SEIU, employees of the Lake County School Board, are proud to announce their endorsement for Mollie Cunningham for Lake County School Board District 4. The members of SEIU made a determination based on who will make the decisions that will be best for our children, who will support the employees, and has the experience to do the job. Vote Mollie Cunningham!"

"As leaders, it is our duty to support those who advocate for a balanced government so that our communities may continue to prosper. Now more than ever, strong leaders willing to rise into those roles, is critical. As such, it is our distinct honor to offer you our endorsement as candidate for Lake County School Board, District 4. We believe wholeheartedly that you will be a champion for positive change in your elected position. We look forward to your service, and endeavor to continue building healthy relationships with our local leaders, both elected and appointed."

"23 years ago Mollie made a decision that enriched my nursing career by giving me the opportunity of becoming the first nurse at Eustis Heights. I was blessed to have worked with Mollie for 10 of those years. During that time, I saw firsthand her exemplary leadership skills as Principal at the school. Staff, students, and parents respected Mollie as a true professional and leader. Mollie was always there for us both in a professional and personal way. I will always be grateful for the opportunity she gave me and the leadership she showed. She was not only a good boss, but became a treasured friend. Mollie’s proven record will be an asset to Lake County School Board. She’ll work tirelessly for our children."

"I know you to be among the very smartest and finest of school administrators anywhere, and the County would be beyond fortunate to have you on the School Board. Wish I were able to vote for you from across the country."